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  Odor Elimination
EC-3152 ODOR ELIMINATOR, is a super concentrated liquid formulation containing beneficial microbes, natural surfactants and odor modifiers. The select blend of bio-strains in EC-3152 promote optimum enzymatic activity of protease, lipase, amylase, cellulose and provides outstanding breakdown of protein, starch, carbohydrates, fats, oils and grease.
EC-3152 is formulated to eliminate and control odors in any environment. EC-3152 is NOT a masking agent. It is environmentally safe and does NOT contain chemicals, dyes or perfumes. EC-3152 is safe for use on any material that is compatible with water i.e. textiles, wood, ceramics, plastic, brick, stone, concrete, etc. EC-3152 is safe for use in residential and commercial applications.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS (Commercial & Residential)

Laundry Chutes
Garbage Trucks
Garbage Dumps
Garbage Chutes
Trash Receptacles
Pet Areas - cat urine etc.
Livestock Barns, Corrals, Paddocks
Public Transportation Vehicles
Boats, Automobiles
Any environment where bad odors occur.

• Controls odors
• Easy to use
• Safer than chemicals
• Biodegradable formulae

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